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A blog dedicated to the action RTS game League of Legends.

The Opinions are comming from a 1500 - 1600 newbie Solo Que Guy :P who should learn how to play.

Currently i try to reach the 1000 Refer mark while i waste allot of € on my Real Account "EYES iTsOVER9000". But nvm xD

Sources for information are listed in the post and the news. I will get the most of my Informations from Europe - West


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A little more about Ziggs...

In light of the reveal of Ziggs' kit, here are a plethora of gracious responses from Meddler that give a little more insight on this dynamite Yordle. 
 Ziggs' basic attacks are ranged and he is indeed a mana user.
I was.
He's AP scaling.
His basic attack/passive do single target damage - we tested AoE versions but they both caused uncontrollable lane pushing early on, which felt terrible when last hitting, and forced us to pull power away from his active abilities which are the more important part of the kit.

All his other abilities deal AoE damage.
The size of AoE's pretty linked to the cooldown of the ability:

Q: Low CD, small to moderate AoE
W: Long CD, moderate AoE
E: Medium/Long CD, decent sized area covered by mines (enough to roughly block some jungle paths say)
R: Longish CD by ult standards, huge AoE.

The mines behave like traps, though are easily deployed and have a much shorter lifespan than other traps - they're particularly focused on area control/denial in or just before a potential fight.
 Moderately bursty, though with quite high variance depending on how many skills you manage to land/whether you choose to use his Satchel Charge or Minefield for other purposes. Decent poke too.
 Very skillshot and timing dependent so a decent skill cap as a result, he's got a few quirks ability wise too. Proper ult usage, particularly when mid, is also likely to be pretty key to getting the most out of him, there's a bit of split push potential as well, though that's pretty risky if you get it wrong compared to some split pushers.
Base damage + AP.

The cooldown reduction's such that you'll want to weave the occasional well timed auto attack into a fight when safe to do so, but won't feel forced to do so between every cast.
There's an initial arc that easily clears terrain/enemies. After that the bomb will explode on contact with terrain or enemies when it lands or bounce a couple of times if in a clear zone. The length of the bounces is determined by the distance of the initial arc and the bounces can pass over very low/small terrain or enemies in certain circumstances, particularly if you know what to look for. Each time it bounces the bomb slows down a bit. Because of this combination of effects the bombs have a distinct feeling to throw and can get away with having a pretty decent range/low cooldown compared to many skillshots.
Yup. For both balance (ordinary skill with a placed knockback) and thematic (actively trying to grenade jump) reasons the knockback on Ziggs is quite a bit further than the knockback on enemies
The knockback range on Ziggs himself is somewhat shorter than Trist's rocket jump, if you get the timing right though you're knocking yourself away from an enemy and them away from you though so the gap created can be pretty big. That's assuming you're not using Satchel Charge offensively to set up other spells of course.
[If I knock myself back, can I use abilities while airborne?]
You can indeed use other abilities while airborne.
[If you step on one of the ( E ) Hexplosive Minefield land mines do they all blow up?]
Each mine can detonate seperately.
The mines can be detonated by minions/monsters. 
Mines are visible to enemies - ensuring a decent amount of counterplay was a key goal.
 Somewhat more than lux ult.
High damage, very long range. Uses a warning effect like Panth's ult - allies know where it's going to land as soon as he launches it, enemies get a warning a little bit before impact.
30.1.12 23:44

Viktor Changes + A bit about Shen


Our half robot friend ( or fiend? ) Viktor will be getting some love next patch. Check out what Classick had to say about his upcoming changes..
Viktor will be getting some good quality of life buffs next patch, a couple that you mentioned in this post. We don't think Viktor needs any more damage, just some usability and reliability tweaks.

Following the trend from last week, the forums were awry with Summoner still upset to see no mention of Shen changes in the patch preview. Statikk readied his weaponry and fired a wall of text into one of the threads to satiate the rapid Shen players.
Shen is a project we are currently actively working on. We want to not only just buff Shen though, rather we are attempting to take this opportunity to experiment with some gameplay changes that would make Shen more fun to play overall. 

On Live, most of Shen's fun comes from the power and feel of his ultimate as it controls the flow of the battlefield. While that is awesome, we want to make sure Shen players can have interesting gameplay while his ultimate is not up. On Live, this gameplay currently consists of Shadow Dashing into a fight hopefully taunting the right targets, expending the rest of his energy rapidly by choosing to use Vorpal Blade or Feint, and then standing around looking pretty with no Energy for the rest of the fight.

The #1 issue we want to resolve with Shen is to make sure that he can have a sustained threat presence/utility in late game team fights. In my opinion, this starts with addressing his current Energy issues. Imagine a Shen who can Shadow Dash 2-3 times across the battlefield per fight, first locking down enemies and then returning to the aid of his allies to thwart off attackers. Not that this is necessarily exactly what we'll eventually do, but these are the kinds of thoughts we are currently toying with.

At the same time, we want to make sure that we keep Shen's extremes in check. For example, top lane Shen actually has a ton of sustain and early on can out harass / out lane many of the popular top lane champions used today. It can be an extremely frustrating experience. Another pain point in playing against Shen is the dreaded side push strategy in which he forces one of your team to stop him and then suddenly teleports to the team fight making it a 4v5. Although these are valid strategies and situations Shen excels at, we want to make sure opponents have the necessary counterplay options to fight against them.

These are the types of issues we are tackling while working on Shen, and unfortunately it does take a good amount of time to get right, especially with the multitude of other projects going on.
30.1.12 23:27

Inactivity ! Inaktivität

Hello Guys


Maybe some of you just saw that i didnt post anything for like 3 Weeks now.

I am realy sorry for this but i just moved into an other location right now.

So my next news about League of Legends will be ther at 1.2.2012.


Best Regards Ari


Hallo Leute


Wie einige von euch schon bestimmt bemerkt haben wurde seid geraumer Zeit nichts mehr auf meinem Blog gepostet.

Leider konnte ich nichts neues über League of Legends Posten da ich keinen Internetanschluss hatte weil ich Umgezogen bin.


Ab dem 1.2.2012 werden wieder Regelmäßig News gepostet.



30.1.12 23:25

Champion Sale: 50% Off Udyr, Xin Zhao, and Karma

Greetings, summoners!

It’s a new week, so it’s time for some special offers on a few of your favorite champions of the League. From Friday, January 6th, through Monday, January 9th, the Udyr, Xin Zhao, and Karma champions will be available for 50% off !

  • Udyr champion (regularly 975 RP) will be only 487 RP
  • Xin Zhao champion (regularly 975 RP) will be only 487 RP
  • Karma champion (regularly 975 RP) will be only 487 RP

After Monday, January 9th, these fantastic champions will return to their regular prices—so be sure to act soon, before it’s too late. Click on the Champions tab in the store to purchase these champions at their discounted prices.

5.1.12 18:39

Skin Sale: 50% Off Crimson Elite Talon, Bilgewater Swain, and Lumberjack Sion

Greetings, summoners!

Another week means it’s time for some more great offers on a few skins for some of your favorite champions of the League. From Friday, January 6th, through Monday, January 9th, the Crimson Elite Talon, Bilgewater Swain, and Lumberjack Sion skins will be available for 50% off !

  • Crimson Elite Talon (regularly 975 RP) will be only 487 RP!
  • Bilgewater Swain (regularly 975 RP) will be only 487 RP!
  • Lumberjack Sion (regularly 520 RP) will be only 260 RP!

After Monday, January 9th, these fantastic skins will be returning to their regular prices—so be sure to act now before it’s too late. Click on the Skins tab in the Store to purchase these take advantage of these fantastic deals.


5.1.12 18:38

Featured Art of the Week!

Can you think of a caption for this one? 'Annie and Tibbers' by Ghostrider9000 !


3.1.12 22:58

CeBIT 2012: Presseausweis

Today i will post something in German  :


Die Deutsche Messe AG hat das Antragsformular des Presseausweises für die vom 6. – 10. 3. 2012 stattfindende CeBIT bereits jetzt online gestellt. Auch Blogger können den Presseausweis beantragen. Dazu ist die URL zum Blog anzugeben.

 Würde dort Natürlich jeden Tag für euch sein und euch die Neusten News direkt Bloggen da ich nur 10 Minuten vom Messegelände entfernt Wohne.


Mal sehen was dabei Rauskommt. Falls ich einen Presseausweis bekommen sollte werde ich Natürlich alles Rund um den Gaming Berreich für euch Kommentieren ^^.



3.1.12 17:50

New Amazing Chinese Arts - Includes Lee Sin & More!

Hello Guys

 Here are again some awesome Chinese League of Legends Champion Artworks.


About 348 Pictures.... Enjoy them


Best Regards

3.1.12 17:42

New Free Champion Rotation (Season Two: Week 6)

Greetings Summoners! This week’s 10 free champions have been rotated.

Here are this week's free champions:

Week 6 (this week):

See you on the Fields of Justice!

3.1.12 17:21

New Skins Now Available

Its Monday again in Valoran, which means that its time for another pair of your favorite champions to pick up some new skins from the League of Legends Store.

If the cold weathers got you down, then Sandstorm Katarina should be just the thing youre looking for to take your mind off how nippy it is outside. Featuring some lightweight desert regalia along with some intimidating new armaments, this is one rendition of the Sinister Blade thats sure to turn a few heads while crossing over some rough terrain.

Of course, if youre feeling a bit more formal, Superb Villain Veigar is here to make sure youll fit right in the next time you head off to a gala, ball, cocktail party, or an informal bridge session with some obscure aristocrat. If you fancy how a gentleman looks in a top hat and monocle then this is one skin that youll definitely want to pick up!

3.1.12 17:21

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