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A blog dedicated to the action RTS game League of Legends.

The Opinions are comming from a 1500 - 1600 newbie Solo Que Guy :P who should learn how to play.

Currently i try to reach the 1000 Refer mark while i waste allot of € on my Real Account "EYES iTsOVER9000". But nvm xD

Sources for information are listed in the post and the news. I will get the most of my Informations from Europe - West


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Viktor now available!

I'm just jolly to announce that Viktor is now available for play! He'll run you a calculated 975 RP or 6300 IP, but hey, that's not to bad after all the free and bonus RP we've gotten lately now is it?

Check out his champion spotlight below for some laser beam filled action!


Along with Viktor and his skins, two new skins have become available for purchase.

The ice cold duo of Arctic Warfare Caitlyn and Arctic Ops Kennen are now available for 975 Riot Points each. While this isn't a new skin for Caitlyn, this is will be the first time summoners will be able to unlock her since she debuted as a promotional skin for PC Gamer a few months back.

Make sure you don't forget about the other skins that were covertly made visible a few days ago! While we already have Arctic Ops Kennen, Superb Villain Veigar, Sandstorm Katarina, and Rocketeer Tristana will surely be hitting the store sometime in the near future. Check out some screen shots and videos of them below!


3.1.12 17:19

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